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BELTOOLS offers a wide range of tools and machines for industrial clients and workshops. Our meticulous process saves you time and ensures you get the resources you need.

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Streamline Your Workflow with Beltools

Our process consists of four simple steps: research, reception of the goods, packaging, and delivery. With our meticulous approach, we save you time and effort in acquiring the resources you need.

Research & Sourcing

Thanks to our Worldwide Network of Partners and Providers, we are able to find all the ressources you need in order to work effectively and reduce your down-time to zero !


You request will be taken following to your emergency and be prepared accordingly. We will ensure every package is carefully managed and hedled to ensure the best quality possible. 


You’ll Recieve your Machines and Tools at your convenience, but always as fast as possible. Our dedicated float is making sure that you will recieve your products on time.

Trusted by industry-leading companies around the globe
Our Services

A Solution for Everyone

At Beltools, we offer a range of services designed to save our customers time and effort in acquiring the tools and machines they need. Our meticulous process ensures efficiency and satisfaction.

Integrated Services

Imagine a team of people dedicated in stramlining your Aquisition Process for you while you’re working on what’s important. That’s us !

Our Shop

Our Shop located in Wavre is here to fullfill all your urgent needs. From Gaz, welding consumables, cutting tools to supplies. You’ll find what you need !

Obsolete and Hard-to-Find Spare-Parts

Trouble finding antique spare-parts obsolete pieces of hardware ? 
We can help !

Tailor-Made Projects

You are a visionnary and you need a partner to put this vision into reality ?
Let us help you !

About Us

A Solution for Everyone

BELTOOLS offers a wide range of tools and machines for industrial clients and workshops. Our meticulous process saves you time and ensures you get the resources you need.

Why Beltools ?

The Biggest Network of Suppliers

Our worldwide network of suppliers provide services tailored to meet the needs of big industries. From sourcing high-quality tools and machines to streamlining procurement processes, we help our clients save time and increase efficiency.

A Team of Passionnated Experts

Our services are also designed to support small workshops. Whether it’s finding the right tools or offering expert advice, we are committed to helping workshops thrive and succeed. Our team of experts ensures that our clients have access to the latest innovations and technologies.

Redefining what "Service" means

Time is money! At beltools, we specialize in conducting in-depth research to identify the best tools and machines for specific industrial needs, within the shortest time. Our ease to adapt to your needs will save you energy.

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