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A cookie is a small text file saved by a web server on your computer’s or mobile device’s browser when you visit a website. The cookie contains a unique code that allows it to recognize your browser during your visit to the website (“session cookie”) or during future repeated visits (“persistent cookie”). Cookies can be placed by the web server of the website you are visiting or by partners collaborating with this website. A web server can only read cookies it has placed itself; it does not have access to any other information on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device in your browser’s directory. The content of a cookie generally consists of the name of the server that placed the cookie, an expiration date, and a unique encrypted code. Cookies generally facilitate a smoother and faster interaction between the visitor and the website. Furthermore, they assist the visitor in navigating between different parts of the website. Cookies can also be used to make the content of a website or the advertising on that site more relevant to the visitor and adapt the website to the visitor’s personal preferences and needs.

Different Types of Cookies

Here, we detail the different types of cookies:

  • Functional Cookies: These cookies enable the functioning of the website with basic features, such as remembering the choice of language or your shopping cart.

  • Optimization Cookies: These cookies allow us to analyze, in complete respect of your anonymity, the navigation on the website to understand how we can improve the visitor’s browsing experience.

  • Personalized Cookies: These cookies offer you a customized experience by providing personalized and targeted content, optimal tracking, and relevant third-party advertisements.

To learn more about how Google processes your personal data, you can review the following conditions: Google’s Privacy & Terms site.

You have the option, at any time, to configure or reconfigure your cookie preferences (see button below):

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