1.1. All personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) that We collect will be processed in accordance with Belgian and European regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, including Directive 2002/58/EC, as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC transposed into Belgian law by the Privacy Protection Act of December 15, 1999, as well as the Law of June 13, 2005, known as the “Electronic Communications Law,” as amended by the Law of July 10, 2012. The processing of Data has been declared to the Privacy Commission under number: [Declaration Number].

1.2. You are invited to carefully read this Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) and familiarize yourself with its content.


2.1. The data controller for personal data is the company BELTOOLS SA, with its registered office at [Address], registered with the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number: [BCE Number] (hereinafter “BELTOOLS SA” or “We”).

2.2. BELTOOLS SA is a company specialized in [Description of Company’s Activity]. Its website, [Company Website] (hereinafter the “Site”), allows it to provide its customers with various information about its identity and the products and services available.


3.1. The Policy describes the measures taken for the operation and management of your Data when using the Site [Company Website] and your rights as a user of this site.

3.2. The Policy applies to all services offered by the Site.


4.1. When you use the Site, we may collect information (including personal data) in several ways:

4.1.1. Data provided when requesting information on the Site. We collect the Data that you provide to us when requesting additional information. This Data includes your title, your first and last name, your email address, your postal code, your phone number, and, if applicable, your profession.

4.1.2. Personal information may also be collected through technological tools. When you use the site, our computer systems may collect passive data such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address or your browser type. We also use Cookies to collect information about the date and time of your visit.


5.1. The Data we collect is primarily used to identify you as a person interested in the products and services we offer. It also serves to improve the services we offer by informing us of your opinion on the products and services offered and by listening to your requests.

5.2. We may use the collected Data for promotional, commercial, or informational communication purposes. In this context, to help you better understand the products and services available, we may offer you newsletters by email free of charge.

Unless you object, we may also electronically send you invitations to BELTOOLS SA events (Open Houses, evenings, etc.) as well as discount vouchers for our products.

5.3. We may also use this Data to conduct studies aimed at improving our services.

5.4. We may disclose your Data if it is necessary to (a) comply with applicable laws or comply with a court order or injunction; or (b) protect and defend our rights or those of Site users.

5.5. We may anonymize the Data by removing personally identifiable elements such as name and email address and aggregate the data for use in market research or other professional purposes. We may then disclose this anonymized information to third parties.

5.6. We transmit your Data to a specific category of suppliers when you request information about the products and services offered by them, including by requesting our catalog. We can provide you with a list of these suppliers upon request. Except for this particular case, we do not allow the sale or transfer of Data to third entities without your approval.


6.1. You have the right to access, modify, rectify, and delete Data concerning you. This right can be exercised by contacting the “Privacy Officer” of BELTOOLS SA, Mrs./Mr. [Privacy Officer’s Name], by sending a letter:

by postal mail to BELTOOLS SA – [Privacy Officer’s Name], [Privacy Officer’s Address]
by email to [Privacy Officer’s Email Address]
6.2. Before responding to a request for modification, rectification, or deletion of your Data, we may invite you to identify yourself.

6.3. For unsubscribing from our newsletters, you can exercise the right to object by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each of our newsletters. Unsubscribe requests are only processed if a confirmation message is received. If not, you can exercise the right to object as described in Article 6.1. of this Policy.


7.1. Cookies are data sent to your device from your browser when you access the Site and include a unique identification number. Cookies simplify your navigation and enhance the speed and efficiency of your use of the Site. Cookies also allow us to analyze the use of the Site.

7.2. You can refuse the installation of technical cookies based on your browser software.

7.3. In accordance with the provisions of the Law of June 13, 2005, known as the “Electronic Communications Law,” your consent is not required when the installation of a cookie has the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating electronic communication or is strictly necessary for the provision of an online service at your express request (session cookies).

7.4. For other types of cookies, BELTOOLS SA will inform you about their use and request your express consent before installing them on any of your devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) through a banner that will only appear once during your first connection to the Site.

7.5. If you decide to reset your browser’s privacy settings or delete all cookies stored on your devices, please be aware that this banner will reappear automatically during the first connection to the Site after resetting your privacy settings. BELTOOLS SA informs you that disabling cookies may affect optimal navigation and application functionalities.

7.6. You always have the option to delete accepted cookies. If you wish to delete cookies, the settings or preferences controlled by these cookies will also be deleted.


8.1. To ensure the protection of the collected Data, We have implemented an information security program to restrict the number of people with access to your Data.

8.2. Secure access allows affiliated stores to access all communication tools made available by the brand (communication campaign visuals, promo ad templates, radio spots and musical beds, logos and icons, email signatures, wallpapers, etc.). It also allows for the consultation of important documents related to the life of the brand (store point-of-sale standards, brand book, communication book, etc.) and the automation of certain communication tasks (orders for various BigMat items: workwear, corporate gifts, promotional gadgets, and stationery, etc.).


9.1. BELTOOLS SA will retain your personal data for 3 years in order to offer you new products available in our stores or to keep you informed about our updates.


10.1. BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies are committed to respecting all current legislation on privacy and the processing of personal data.

10.2. The customer irrevocably provides BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies with personal data collected and agrees that BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies may use this data for advertising, commercial, and marketing purposes.

10.3. By providing their consent when entering or communicating their personal data or when concluding a contract (signing a purchase order, etc.) with BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies, customers consent to the collection and use of their personal data as defined below.
BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies collect personal identification information (name, first name, postal address, phone number, email address, etc.).
BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies use customer data for business management, promotion of products and services, and the establishment of statistics. Customers consent to their data being used for advertising, commercial, or marketing purposes and agree to receive information at their email address (newsletters, emailings, etc.).
Right of access: Customers have the right to request at any time whether their data has been collected, for how long, and for what purpose.
Right of rectification: Customers have the right to request that their incorrect or incomplete data be corrected or completed at any time upon simple request.
Right to limit processing: Customers can request a limitation of the processing of their data. This means that the data in question must be “flagged” in our computer system and can no longer be used for a certain period.
Right to erasure of data (“right to be forgotten”): Subject to exceptions provided by law, customers have the right to demand the erasure of their data.
Right to data portability: Customers can request that their data be transmitted to them in a “structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.”
To exercise the aforementioned rights, customers can send their request to BELTOOLS SA and its affiliated companies via the following email address:
Right to complain: Customers have the right to file a complaint to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation with the Regulatory Authority.


11.1. Belgian law is exclusively applicable.

11.2. All disputes arising from or in connection with the contract will be definitively and exclusively settled by the Commercial Court of Liège – Namur division.

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